BSAK is an association of Bangladeshi students in Korea. This organization is a common platform for all the Bangladeshi students living all around the places in Korea in different study programs, no matter what major or specialization, the one, and only identity is they belong to Bangladesh. The goal of this organization is holding the unity to move forward together for achieving success together. BSAK always supports students to come into Korea and subsides their issues in life whilst living in Korea. The organization works for the well-being of the students and be there whenever anyone needs any kind of help not only in Korea also in Bangladesh as well. BSAK started its journey in 2011. The main theme was to establish a strong network for all the Bangladeshi students in Korea. With this motto, BSAK has been organizing two get-together programs (indoor and outdoor) yearly, named summer and winter program. BSAK always tries to encompass a complete package of different important activities such as cultural program, welcoming new students, congratulating successful graduates with crest and certificate, sharing experiences from seniors, discussion sessions from famous and notable alumni from different universities in Korea. BSAK always feels an urge to celebrate the special or national days in Bangladesh embassy in Korea or other places in order to embellish the fragrance of Bangladesh. BSAK always promotes higher studies in Korea among student and provides proper guidelines and support regarding higher studies which can make some positive influences in Bangladesh. Nevertheless, BSAK always extended help for an environmental disaster occurs in Bangladesh and winter clothes distribution event. If anyone needed medical financial assistance, BSAK tried at its best to give support. BSAK now already has become a well-known community-based organization and every semester new faces are joining making it move bigger than before. This is becoming a big family and the seniors are showing and contributing their best to keep the organization on the right path. BSAK is growing older day by day and still a long way to go…….